Cream Lake – Strathcona Park BC – July 2019

Cream Lake

Having backpacked into Cream Lake in 2016 , with the weather overcast and then torrential rain… hence no view of the surrounding mountains… I was excited that I had hooked up with a group of adventurer’s that were game to do this hike in one day last year… 21km Out and Back – 9 hours. Elevation 1328 metres.

Mount Tom Taylor – Baby Bedwell Lake

At the trail head bright and early as we knew we had a long day of hiking ahead of us. First view was of Mt Tom Taylor from Baby Bedwell Lake.

Bedwell Lake
Bedwell Lake

Continuing on through the forest we arrived at Bedwell Lake, lots of great camping area’s here on the lake.

Heading up the creek bed to Little Jim Lake
Snow in July – Little Jim Lake
Wild Flowers and Wild Women – Little Jim Lake

Hiking through the Alpine and Little Jim Lake. Great to cool off and replenish out water. Lots of elevation hiking.

Della Falls
Mt Septimus
Nine Peaks

Alpine views were incredible, Strathcona Park Mountains.

Cream Lake Crew

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