Mt Robson – Berg Lake Trail July – August 2020

It was Welcome Aboard the BC Ferries at 5.15am. Early start to a day of driving and adventuring before our first stop in Blue River. This being the beginning of of Covid Summer, we were fortunate to arrive at Wells Gray Park with empty parking lots..Bonus…

Off to Blue River for the night of glamping in “Cabins” before our backpacking trip at Berg Lake Trail .

Sunrise on the Salish Sea
Helmcken Falls
Dawson Falls
Wells Gray Park

Easy 8km hike into our first camp night, Kinney Lake. This trail is a well used day trail , so there were lots of day hikers heading to the lake. It was a hot day , so once camp was set up we went for a quick dip as its glacier lake and a wee bit chilly. It was a relaxing afternoon.

Start of the Berg Lake Trail
Beauty right from the start
Trekking into Kinney Lake
Kinney Lake Reflections
Kinney Lake with Mt Robson

Beautiful sunny morning to begin our hike into Emperor Falls. As we started through the Kinney Lake Inlet flats we were surrounded by many waterfalls. Steady climb into Whitehorn campsite over the Robson River suspension bridge. For the next 5 km was up to Emperor Falls. Being such a hot day we trekked into camp, set up and then returned to hang out at Emperor Falls. Amazing!!!!! Our camp was alongside the raging Robson River along with an awesome view of Mt Robson.

Valley of a thousand falls
Suspension Bridge
Falls of the Pool
Whitehorn Mountain
Room with a view
Emperor Falls
Emperor Falls
Dusk at our camp

Another amazing sunny morning greeted us as we packed up camp and moved to our next site Rearguard . We were in awe of the scenery and colors of the glacier lakes, mountains that surrounded us. Lots of photo stops and wow’s! After setting up camp the decision was made to do a day hike out to Snowbird Pass.

Morning pack up
Off to Berg Lake
Mist Glacier
Berg Glacier
Berg Lake
Berg and Mist Glacier
Mt Robson Reflections

Packed up snacks, water and lunch for the hike into Snowbird Pass. In such awe of the beauty , its a must do for every one!!! 18 km return with an elevation of 2525m or 8284 feet. Its a challenging route and so worth grunt. The views of the Robson Glacier , and the crevasses are amazing, and the Alpine Meadows .

Trail into the Snowbird Pass
In 1911, this is where the Robson Glacier was
To the left is the trail to Snowbird Pass, Robson Glacier
Hiking Trail to the Snowbird Pass
Looking back towards camp
Mighty Robson Glacier
Alpine Meadows
Lunch with a view
Looking back towards the meadows
Top of the Snowbird Pass
Snowbird Pass and the Coleman Glacier in Alberta
Lots of singing Marmot’s
Friendships are priceless

We had rain overnight, packed up and moved onto our next campsite at Berg Lake. There was a shelter that we were able to use, which was fabulous . Quiet day as it was such a long day yesterday, we went for a small hike to Adolphus Lake ( which is in Alberta).

Rangers Cabin
Adolphus Lake

Indian Paintbrush
Alberta and BC
Berg Glacier

Early 5.00am wake for our trek back to the trail head. Amazing color on Mt Robson and a fun 5.5 hour 21 km hike out.

5.00 AM Beauty
Morning Views
Berg Lake Shelter and the crew
Memories and Friendships

Nootka Island – July 2019

35km Nootka Trail follows the outer coast of Nootka Island. The Island is located off the West Coast of Vancouver Island in BC Canada.

Nootka Island

Why not… So I signed up with MB Guiding for a 5 day Coastal hike along the rugged shores of Nootka Island. With 3 other women ( we didn’t know each other) and our guide, we set out for an amazing backpacking adventure.

The crew
Sea Plane into Starfish Lagoon
Starfish Lagoon
Ancient Cedar Trees

Day 1 -With all our gear loaded on board our float plane off we flew for a 25 minute flight up the coast line and into Starfish Lagoon. The flight was spectacular with the beauty of the forest and the shoreline. Circled around to drop height and landed. After unloading our packs, dried off our feet ..headed into the forest and to the trail head. Well the trails are not maintained or marked the first 2 km were a eye opener as there was a lot of scrambling under fallen trees and sliding on your butt . Its now you wished that your backpack was lighter. My pack including my camera gear was 38lbs.. It was mine to carry for 5 days…Something to be said about carry everything you need on your back…

Coastal Wolf prints

Third Beach

Coastal Wolf..

Day 2 – Bright and early rise to pack up our gear , eat breaky , watch the Coastal Wolf trot along the beach and head up into the forest. Our destination is Calvin Falls 12km hike through forest and the shoreline and tidal shelves.

Sea Cave
Looking back to Third Beach
Tidal Shelves
Pea Gravel
Bear bum
Skuna Bay
Shoreline hiking
Calvin Falls

Stunning hike along a variety of “trails” …. The weather was warm and sunny , lots of working our way through the maze of fallen trees, up, down and around the cliff faces to and from the shoreline. Enjoyable stops for snacks and wildlife bear viewing. Nearly rear ended him or her as he was hidden among the enormous kelp beds looking for food. Truly amazing.. Pea gravel is hard hiking.. enough said… Break at Skuna Bay by the river then onto Calvin Falls. Beautiful !!!!

Day 3 – Getting used to packing up, its quicker than day 1… Breakfast and meeting on today’s destination. Beano Creek 11km.

Bear tracker…
Bajo Point
Beano Creek
Weather’s coming in – Beano Creek

Lots of boulder hopping, endless Pea Gravel hiking today. Weather was amazing , though when we reach camp we can see the 80% chance of rain heading our way. Beano creek was lovely, it is road accessed so more people are here than our other camp spots. Also cabins and a wedding party.. Set up camp in the forest .

Beano Creek – Day 4

Day 4 – Pitter Patter of rain… Packing up in the wet.. and off to Sunrise Beach. We are pre warned of the hike today, 8.9km of work. It sure was. I so love forest hiking and this was amazing. A stop at Maquinna Point , lots of fishing boats. Not many photo’s today as it rained non stop and the salal was head high ( my head ).. It was an 8 hour hike, with lunch and breaks – good luck trying to find a dry patch. Our camp – Sunrise beach was deserted.. So beautiful. Tired, wet and happy !

And it begins
Camp at Sunrise Beach
Room with a view

Day 5 – Short hike out today of 3.4km to finish off this amazing journey. Destination – Friendly Cove to board the Uchuck back to Gold River. Spent the day wondering around the Yuquot, carving gallery, Light House, eating the amazing blackberries and visiting with the locals. All aboard , yummy tuna sandwich and coffee.. Nootka Island has been one of my favorite Backpacking trips, so happy I said yes to going it alone and meeting some incredible people. If your’e ever looking for a guided trip MB Guiding is the best!

Sea Stack
River Ford
Happy Days
Nootka Island Lighthouse
Light House
The Crew