Day Tripping Mt Albert Edward – Sept 2 2020

This adventure was going to be a 3 day backpacking trip into Strathcona Park to spend a day sumiting Mt Albert Edward, though mother nature decided that on those particular 3 days that we needed a Summer Rain Storm…… To make a long story short, work got in the way of any other dates we looked at… So spontaneity kicked us into gear , to meet up with friends camping at Circlet Lake and summit Mt Albert Edward in one day…. 6.30am start, 35 km , 10 hours and 2093 meters or 6866 feet later….

With a misty start through the meadows, the silence was beautiful. Its not often that these trails are quiet. Making our way to meet Laurel & Niki at the Mt Albert Edward trail head which is 10 km in from the Raven Lodge.

Misty Start to the day through the meadows
Paradise Meadows
Ranger’s Cabin
Skies are getting brighter
Glimpse of the mountain
Niki, Susan and Laurel at the trail head to Albert Edward

So now the climb really begins steep, rooty and rocky with some mud thrown in for good measure. Didn’t take long until we got views of Circlet Lake ( a great camp site) , Moat Lake and the surrounding mountains. We could see the Salish Sea in the distance as well. Our morning was sunny with some clouds and a nice mountain breeze to cool us down. We climbed through the forest then out to the moonscape of the mountain.

Beauty views of Circlet Lake
Castle Craig and Mt Frink
Moat Lake
Alpine Meadows
Destination… Mt Albert Edward
Mt Albert Edward & Jutland Mountain
Heading up along the steps
Up and more Up
First snow patch
A push to the summit

Summit and 360 views of the Coastal Mountains and beyond. Eating lunch and of course taking snaps we said a see you later to Laurel & Niki and started our descent out and back to the Raven Lodge. Sure it was a slog of a day and nope, wouldn’t change any minute of this fabulous adventure. Thanks for saying yes Susan!

Golden Hinde – Largest Mountain on Vancouver Island … Next year???
View from the summit
Sharing the joy of the Summit
Dynamic Duo
Yes 50 something is a great decade!
Happy to make this adventure happen
Ocean Views
Mother Nature’s stair master!
Moat Lake
My favorite rock cairn
Tarn Reflections
Board Walk in the meadows
Yes, we were on that pointy peak 3 hours ago
Shoe fix with a view

Well I hope this post inspires you to get out of your comfort zone a little , and this is different for all of us! We live in such a beautiful place and I am so grateful everyday that I am able to share these moments with you – Thanks for taking the time out of your day to take a look!!!

East Sooke Regional Park Vancouver Island, BC May 2020

Looking towards Creyke Point

Beautiful May 2020 – Smack bang in the middle of Covid 19. Restrictions had been lifted to include more people into your bubble. Outdoor activities are a must for our mental health and normality … ( they are for me)

Pikes Road Entrance
Sword Ferns

We dropped a vehicle at our finish point ( Alyard Farms) and drove to Pikes Road for the start of the Point to Point Coast Trail. This trail is 13km in distance and the first km was a beautiful warm up run through the forest of green and ferns.

Pikes Point
Beauty of the Juan De Fuca Strait

Coast trail was marked with yellow plates, and was easy to follow ( we did miss one) though it was quick to get back on trail. Some scrambling along cliffs edges made for a fun adventure.

Flowering Succulents
Looking back from where we had started
Wild Women in the Wild Flowers

As it was the end of May the Wildflowers were abundant. I think we had around 100 stops to take photographs as the trail is so scenic.

Trap Shack
Cool Mural in the Trap Shack
Spring growth on the pine
Cabin Point

Time for a break at the Trap Shack, which was used in the past by fishermen. It’s a neat place with history, times are sure different now in the fishing industry.

Lichen & Arbutus
Amazing Strait of Juan De Fuca
Taking time to swing
Climbing up through the forests

Overall elevation of the Coast to Coast trail is 563m , lots of ups and downs . Mainly coastal views, though you do spend some time among the beautiful trees in the forest.

Always an Adventure
Creyke Point
Creyke Point

Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the 5 hours it took to reach our destination of Alyard Farm – Creyke Point, and I hope you have too. Thanks for looking!

Della Falls – Love Lake – Strathcona Park Sept 2018

Its always an adventure with the Wild Women Trail Running tribe! This run into Della Falls and beyond was no exception. Of course adventure is on the agenda when it comes to celebrating birthdays so ……

Della Falls
Crossing Grand Central Lake – Port Alberni to begin the run
Our WW
Only way across the river – Cable car

45 minute boat cruise down the lake ( and searching for the boat dock) we started out down the trail. Ran past a few surprised Backpackers as we told them what are plans were for our one day adventure. The trail was really well marked and as we got to the intersection of the falls and Love Lake , of course we decided we needed to go up up up and a wee bit more up Mt Septimus and into Love Lake. Beauty of this place was amazing. We were 20km in by this time …

Love Lake – Susan
Love Lake – Lisa
Love Lake- Bday Girl Sarrie
Love Lake – Nyree
Love Lake – Wendy

So after filling up our water we make our way back down Mt Septimus to Della Falls, as time and daylight were against us, so as a group we decided to run for 10 minutes towards the falls to see if we could make it there. We didn’t…. Heading back to the boat launch and boat the light was fading fast as were a few of us. It was near to 9 hours and our boat driver had come up the trail looking for us with a flashlight. We were happy to see him . By the time we got to the boat it was pitch black….. 10 hours of adventure under our tired legs and smiles from ear to ear… Next time we are camping….

Sunset on Grand Central Lake