Della Falls – Love Lake – Strathcona Park Sept 2018

Its always an adventure with the Wild Women Trail Running tribe! This run into Della Falls and beyond was no exception. Of course adventure is on the agenda when it comes to celebrating birthdays so ……

Della Falls
Crossing Grand Central Lake – Port Alberni to begin the run
Our WW
Only way across the river – Cable car

45 minute boat cruise down the lake ( and searching for the boat dock) we started out down the trail. Ran past a few surprised Backpackers as we told them what are plans were for our one day adventure. The trail was really well marked and as we got to the intersection of the falls and Love Lake , of course we decided we needed to go up up up and a wee bit more up Mt Septimus and into Love Lake. Beauty of this place was amazing. We were 20km in by this time …

Love Lake – Susan
Love Lake – Lisa
Love Lake- Bday Girl Sarrie
Love Lake – Nyree
Love Lake – Wendy

So after filling up our water we make our way back down Mt Septimus to Della Falls, as time and daylight were against us, so as a group we decided to run for 10 minutes towards the falls to see if we could make it there. We didn’t…. Heading back to the boat launch and boat the light was fading fast as were a few of us. It was near to 9 hours and our boat driver had come up the trail looking for us with a flashlight. We were happy to see him . By the time we got to the boat it was pitch black….. 10 hours of adventure under our tired legs and smiles from ear to ear… Next time we are camping….

Sunset on Grand Central Lake

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